Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lipstick won't make you beautiful

Audi in Snohomish at Pine and 2nd. Light turns green. Audi sits and sits. I tap horn. She puts lipstick down then starts driving. We go on to miss the next two lights. No problem for Audi woman...more preening opportunities...


Two times in one day.

I-5 express lane. Oldsmobile breaks three rules....if you are going to change lanes signal, don't time your lane change to be in sync with my passing you...and then having narrowly avoided collision...accelerate! MMR 8.

Montlake on ramp to eastbound 520. 10 mph is much too slow for merging, so accelerate! MMR 6.


Lighting up is no excuse for traveling 15 in a 35, much less crossing lines
and slowing for traffic coming the other direction. If you can't do two
things at once, then don't drive... MMR 8

Monday, August 20, 2007

Border lineups and line etiquette

We returned from a climbing week near Revelstoke and crossed the Canada-US border at Sumas on Friday afternoon.

Off topic, why there is a 70 minute wait instead of using the full lane capacity must be a tactic to cause terrorists to crack?

On topic, there is nothing more annoying, and more likely to cause driver-driver conflict, than bad manners in lineups. Changing lanes unnecessarily is a no-no, especially if done using the hole in the lane created by my not blocking an intersection. So to the MMR 10 driver in the ancient maroon Chrysler, be warned, your karma will get you. Don't ever move so slowly that your license plate can be read...and enjoy your lifetime of happiness on the border watch list.

I will blog you

I've been quiet the past month plus, not because I haven't seen driving annoyances, but because "I will blog you" has come to calm me so that the incidents fade from memory before I reach my computer. I must do better...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hands Free Shavers?

Unusual doings in a car going southbound on I-5 this morning which had changed into the lane to my right. He oversteered considerably which caught my attention. As we passed him all became clear: electric shaver in hand, examining his work in his rear view mirror, trying to keep eyes on road and vehicle in the lane.

So in a state in which we must use hand free devices with cell phones come July 1, 2008, is the legislature going to deal with this issue as well? At least he wasn't using a straight razor?

One at a Time

Last week with the mid-week July 4 holiday was a generally quiet commute. Except for Tuesday morning at the three way stop at the tee of NE 40th St and 6th Ave NE, under the I-5 bridge. I'm turning left to go south on 6th. Hello Saab traveling east on 40th: One car through the stop sign at a time, not two... MMR:8.